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Tiny Art Show

Ever wonder where an art exhibit might spring up? Well look ..... down! And you may just find a miniature art show! Tiny Art Show is a community art project bringing miniature art to unique spaces. Their hope, and indeed their achievement, is that they bring a little more art and wonder to everyday life.

Since Tiny Art Show is a traveling show, you have to follow their Facebook or Instagram accounts to hear about new exhibits - so be sure to follow them at the links below.

Once particularly amazing exhibit is the Positive Post Office exhibit, currently underway at the Orem Public Library in Orem Utah. This exhibit is an effort by Tiny Art Show and Tiny Kindnesses, where strangers "trade miniature hand-written letters sharing personal experiences with kindless, encouragement, and inspiration." Their hope? To "share love in a tiny way." 


So enjoy these photos from Tiny Art Show - a tiny show that's BIG on heart.

Follow Tiny Art Show at: