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Miniatures Made by Cricuters

Cricut cutting machines come in a variety of models, and are used to cut almost anything and to make almost.... anything! However in our "tiny" corner of the world, Cricut machines are becoming an invaluable tool to cut impossibly small details for miniaturists in an affordable and accessible way.

The Miniatures Made by Cricutters Facebook Group describes themselves as "A fab and friendly group of miniaturists who enjoy making all things miniature with the Cricut brand machines." And to that description, I would also add FUN and TALENTED! For example, each Friday they have "Flaunt It Friday" where they invite members to post photos of their creations. And they also have occasional "challenges" where members create projects using a common set of guidelines and share. And this is just scratching the surface of what makes this group so special. 


Photo by Lisa Sones-Peck

Photo by Suzie Aguilar

(continued) The Miniatures Made By Cricuters group is providing community and mentoring in the most wonderful and creative way. They are a shining example of what makes the miniature community so special. I am honored to spotlight them this month, and want to thank them for letting me show some of their work here!

So, if you have a Cricut machine and know how to use Design Space (the Cricut software used with the machine), then be sure to check out the Miniatures Made By Cricuters group! In the meanwhile, enjoy these great pics from the talented group members!

Photo by Heather Tracy