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Miniaturist Bridge is a non-profit website that provides miniature-related links as a service to the miniature community. 
Miniaturist Bridge is not affiliated with the organizations and sites that we link to, unless specifically stated.

Groups and Associations

Connecting with each other through our shared love of miniatures can be what inspires us, bonds us, and brings us joy. Whether you are able to go to events, shows, or courses, join organizations or clubs, or even just connect to others through social media groups, it all serves to strengthen our community and bring us together.

Click the links below to connect to associations and groups in our community, and check back often. We will be adding many more links, all over the world and the internet, throughout 2020.

Online Groups
Online groups (i.e. Facebook)
Miniature associations
Regional Groups
Groups in your community
Group Spotlight
Photo by Lisa Sones-Peck
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